on January 28, 2022

Starting her musical career as a child singer on a talent show, Alika is one Indonesia’s musical talent who is not afraid to try something new. She briefly joined a girl group, then became a music group producer, and now she focuses on her solo musical path. It is undeniable that Alika is one of Indonesia's rising talents to be reckoned with. invites the talented young singer to talk more about her current life, personal style, and her top three must-haves fashion items in her daily activities.


What are you up to these days, in the middle of the pre-post-pandemic era?

Daily activities are indeed starting to return to the way they were before the pandemic, but of course, there are some adjustments to be made and followed. When it comes to singing live, it's still not often. Mostly online concerts or virtual events. However, some off-air fashion events are starting to appear lately. Basically, life is returning to normal, but there are indeed some adjustments that must be made.

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What does fashion mean to you?

For me, fashion or style is like our first impression of others. Because first impressions matter before they know us deeper. What they see first could be their perceptions about us. And I think our style also could be the brief definition of us as human beings.


Do you mind telling us more about your personal style?

My personal style is more comfortable but with an edge. I love to wear basic ready-to-wear clothes then accessorizing them with either shoes or a bag.

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Tell us about your first luxury bag and what is the story behind it?

Actually, most of my bags were given to me, inherited from my mom. But one bag that I personally purchased for the first time in my life with my own money was a Chanel Gabrielle cobalt blue backpack. Why did I choose this bag? Back again to my personal style, comfortable with an edge, I love to mix my everyday looks with bold colors of my accessories. That was why I picked the cobalt blue color to elevate the total look.


What are your three must-have fashion items in your daily activities?

Obviously, a bag. Then, I love to wear earrings. And of course, shoes!

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Last but not least, mind telling us your one big fashion tip for us?

I think we don’t need to give too much energy to follow the trends because sometimes, not every trend suits everyone. So I think, most importantly, just to feel comfortable with what you wear.