ONE TWO TEA: Evoking the Joy of Art with

on July 19, 2022

Do you believe that everyone has an inner sense of art? No matter how firm we convince ourselves that we are not artsy person, in fact, we are naturally born with art. Art is needed to make our lives more manageable and enjoyable. Hence, to evoke the inner art of each individual,, together with Locaahands Dining Club Surabaya, provided one of the most unforgettable One Two Tea event last Friday, July 15th, along with more than 40 ladies.

Below, we break down all the activities and the joyfulness of the event to have you on your radar.


We showcased all the newest arrival products from bags, shoes, apparel, accessories, jewelry, to luxury watches from our sister brands @voilalux and @voilatime - so customers can feel the different shopping ambiance of with more feminine, sweet, and a hint of summer decorations all around - plus with a special offer for any purchase on that day.


As the event's main activity, we are truly delighted to see the excitement of each attendee to learn how to write calligraphy. With the direction of Mercia Anggara, a calligraphy artist based in Surabaya, everyone got a chance to create their own calligraphy and expose it on social media. Not only having fun and learning something new, also provides a special prize for the best calligraphy and a door prize for the lucky attendee.

It's an unforgettable experience to get closer to Surabaya people and do something fun together with our #FriendsOfVoila. We are looking forward to more exciting events in the future, so don't miss our update and keep your notification on!