on July 28, 2022

Business is fun, but not forever easy. Moreover in this digital epoch, the business skill alone is sometimes no longer enough since the competition is also going wilder and wilder. Suppose you're a 'player' in the Luxury Watches industry. In that case, we have a great-solid-precise solution for you to compete & sell your Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille & Audemars Piguet easily and gain profit hassle-free. How? Let's join our consignment program and let us take care of your business for you! 


What is Consignment Program with 

Consignment is an arrangement between you as the products-owner (consignor) & as the partner (consignee) that will help you sell your products. By joining this program, you have to simply 'consign' your products to us, and we will take care of the sales for you through all of our existing platforms (website, app & social media).


What's the Benefit If I Consign My Watches in       

Of course, the most significant and foremost benefit is you no longer have to experience the tiring-rush of battling with digital marketing strategy, replying to every customer's chat, or dealing with the packaging process. You can simply wait for your luxury watches to be sold & the profit will go to you directly. Moreover, we've had a sturdy 'foundation' in the digital marketing industry which means by being our partner, our strength will also be yours: 

  • has many marketing platforms with proven high-traffic history (websiteInstagramTiktokYouTube, etc).
  • has a regular Instagram Live with hundreds of loyal viewers in our Instagram account
  • has two offline stores in Indonesia's biggest city (Jakarta & Surabaya). 
  •'s official store could be found in 5 Indonesia's biggest marketplace (Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Blibli, JD.ID). 
  • had already become a 'big name' in the fashion industry and was trusted by many celebrities, public figures, influencers, etc. 


How to Consign My Watches in 


Click the button below to start consigning your luxury watches with us. It needs only 2 minutes to fill in the data, and the easy-profit will instantly be yours!