Celine was founded by a couple in 1945 in France. That time it was only a boutique that provided made-to-measure children’s shoes and the logo was a highly distinct red elephant created by cartoonist Raymont Peynet.
CelineNano Luggage Pearl Grained

IDR 28.000.000

Medium Classic Bag Burgundy
CelineMedium Classic Bag Burgundy

IDR 37.900.000

Triomphe  Clutch Brown in Whips
CelineTriomphe Clutch Brown in Whips

IDR 19.200.000 IDR 40.605.999

Nano Belt Bag Peony
CelineNano Belt Bag Peony

IDR 27.800.000 IDR 35.474.999

CelineBucket Hat Cotton Logo - Navy

IDR 7.200.000

Chain Bag Triomphe Black
CelineChain Bag Triomphe Black

IDR 28.000.000 IDR 45.539.999

Teen Classic Bag Box Calfskin Black Ghw
CelineTeen Classic Bag Box Calfskin Black Ghw

IDR 35.900.000 IDR 56.099.999

Chain Bag Triomphe Canvas Tan
CelineChain Bag Triomphe Canvas Tan

IDR 28.000.000 IDR 36.970.199

Teen Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin Pebble
CelineTeen Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin Pebble

IDR 31.300.000 IDR 54.869.999

Teen Classic Bag Amazone Ghw
CelineTeen Classic Bag Amazone Ghw

IDR 33.900.000 IDR 56.099.999

Ava Bag Black Logo White
CelineAva Bag Black Logo White

IDR 17.750.000 IDR 26.909.999

CT-02 Mid Sneakers White Black
CelineCT-02 Mid Sneakers White Black

IDR 7.000.000 IDR 12.539.999

Windbreaker in Lightweight Nylon Red
CelineWindbreaker in Lightweight Nylon Red

IDR 10.299.000 IDR 26.399.999

Micro Luggage Kohl Grained
CelineMicro Luggage Kohl Grained

IDR 29.900.000 IDR 46.574.999

Mini Vertical Cabas Logo Print Natural/Tan
CelineMini Vertical Cabas Logo Print Natural/Tan

IDR 15.000.000 IDR 20.624.999

Micro Belt Black Grained
CelineMicro Belt Black Grained

IDR 29.500.000 IDR 38.294.999

Paris Boxy Cotton Jersey T-Shirt
Sold Out
CelineParis Boxy Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

IDR 4.500.000

Triomphe Monogram Bucket Hat Marron Caramel
Sold Out -14%
CelineTriomphe Monogram Bucket Hat Marron Caramel

IDR 5.700.000 IDR 6.629.999

Nano Belt Black Grained Calfskin
Sold Out -21%
CelineNano Belt Black Grained Calfskin

IDR 27.800.000 IDR 35.474.999

Nano Belt Bag Taupe Grained
Sold Out -21%
CelineNano Belt Bag Taupe Grained

IDR 27.800.000 IDR 35.474.999