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voilà.id Pondok Indah, Jakarta

Jl. Arteri Pd. Indah No. 18G, Jakarta Selatan
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voilà.id Boutique, Jakarta, Iskandar

The flagship boutique of Voila.id in Jakarta, which located in south, is a place of luxury meets with comfort. And for this special moment, we are also added a little touch of art installation. As we welcome all the customers through our entrance, set of shades of our identity color, green, are displayed from foyer to stairs and lift to balcony and ended on our main window display. Illussion art, is when you walk your vision of the green strings are moving too, as if they're walking side by side with you.

Our Store
Green strings art installation

Best of Try to Look Different

Besides strings, holograms are perfect in conveying the idea of color movement as well. In this case, different spot of seing, will capture different tone of highlighted colors. This area can be very playful, and try to take picture in here, and see what the effect it will give you.

Section 2
Section 2
Our Store Our Store
Hologram installation

Shopping Always This Fun

As if you're entering a candy Boutique, we displayed a huge range of luxury brands, right after our entrance. With different look, style and color, they are there to satisfy all of your needs. Similiar with the other boutique, this one also present woman's universe on first floor and men's universe on second floor.

Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun

Women are Venus, Men are Mars

Renovation has encouraged us to put woman and man space to shop seperately. Different mood, in color material and lighting, could be a great encouragement for them to explore new styles, and especially their mood for shopping.

Our Store
Different mood in color and lighting to explore new styles.

Splendor Corners to Explore

Experience luxury at voilàlux - where we presents an exclusive collection for discerning connoisseurs. Indulge in opulence with handpicked, coveted luxuries that match your refined taste.

Splendor Corners to Explore 1 Splendor Corners to Explore 2

Far way end, we dedicated this corner to our watch enthusiast. You may splurge their interest in a more intimate and warm space. Yes, it is a bit secluded. We understand that sometimes you just need to be secretive to be well known.

Splendor Corners to Explore 1 Splendor Corners to Explore 2

Meet Your Wishlist in Person

In the boutique, every shelf and display is carefully curated to showcase the exquisiteness of every fashion piece. Be it discovering the latest collection of the season or finally seeing a long-awaited dream collection, you’d be sure to feel the connection to the craftsmanship and the stories they told.

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